What are the Key Goals of Diabetes Treatment in Qatar?

Diabetes Treatment in Qatar

Are you residing as a diabetic patient in Qatar? You’re not alone. Diabetes has become a serious issue, but the good thing is that Qatar has excellent treatments for diabetes. According to statistics, 16.4% of adults in Qatar have diabetes.

We at Clear Diamond Care acknowledge the vital role that diabetes management plays. Therefore, let’s examine the fundamental targets of the best diabetes treatment and how you can achieve them.

Goal 1: Control Blood Sugar Levels

The primary target for the control of   is the reduction of blood sugar or blood glucose. Your body can’t control blood sugar properly when you have diabetes.


Undefined Increased thirst and urination: When blood sugar is high, the kidneys work harder to remove extra sugar from the blood. This may result in frequent urination and excessive thirst, making it more difficult to get quality sleep and affecting your normal schedule.


Fatigue: High levels of glucose in the bloodstream may interfere with the body’s use of food as fuel, leading to fatigue and weakness all day long. Therefore, it can take a lot of work to pay attention at work, get the job done, and live an active life.


Vision impairment: Damaged eye blood vessels caused by chronic hyperglycemia (persistent high blood sugar levels) may lead to vision impairment. Visual tasks such as driving or reading may become challenging.


Slow-healing wounds: Impaired circulation and delayed healing process due to diabetes render even the tiniest wound susceptible to infections. On the other hand, it also exposes you to the risk of encountering severe side effects such as diabetic ulcers and amputations.


Doctors may recommend a variety of approaches to achieve this goal, including:


  • Changes to one’s lifestyle: Retaining a healthy weight can significantly enhance blood sugar control and is necessary for its regulation.


  • Medication: Depending on the type and severity of your diabetes, your doctor may recommend insulin or oral medications to help control your blood sugar. 


  • Monitoring your blood sugar: By regularly checking your blood sugar levels, you and your physician can adjust your treatment plan as needed.

Goal 2: Prevent Complications

Complications like organ damage, blindness, and nerve damage can be caused by diabetes and can seriously affect the way one lives. 


  • Heart disease and stroke: Higher blood pressure can result in heart attacks or strokes by damaging the blood vessels. They are the leading cause of death globally, and diabetes makes you susceptible to many such deaths.


  • Vision Loss: Diabetes is a very dangerous disease, and eye damage is one of its grave consequences. Chronic high blood sugars hurt the retina’s (an important part of your eye that helps light perception) blood vessels, and the final result is vision loss. Accordingly, diabetic retinopathy is treated through frequent checkups.


  • Kidney disease: Diabetes may cause kidneys to fail and further lead to dialysis. It is a complex disease of a type that needs continuous maintenance.


  • Nerve damage (neuropathy): Diabetes may cause the nerves in all parts of your body to be damaged, which include pain, numbness and tingling, especially in your feet and legs.


  • Foot problems: The nerve damage and circulation problems that can occur in the feet may become an ulcer that sometimes ends up being amputated. Daily foot care is pivotal to preventing the occurrence of such conditions.


The primary objective of Diabetes treatment in Qatar is to keep your blood sugar within a healthy range to improve the overall quality of your life. 


  • Lifestyle changes: A balanced diet and active life can contribute to blood sugar control.


  • Medication: Your doctor will choose the medications you take based on the type and severity of your diabetes. These may include insulin or oral drugs to help regulate your blood sugar level.


  • Blood sugar monitoring: It is one of the benefits, as you can track your progress and plan treatments together with your doctor.

Goal 3: Improve Quality of Life

Diabetes is no longer the border to hindering you from having an entire and active life. The best diabetes treatment in Qatar involves giving you the tools, knowledge, and power to live your life the way you like. This includes helping you:


  • Understand your diabetes: Gaining knowledge of your diabetes, how it impacts your body, and the numerous treatment options empowers you to play an active role in your therapy. The deeper your understanding, the more you can improve the efficiency of your treatment.


  • Make healthy lifestyle choices: A healthy diet, exercise, and sleep well are an unbeatable combination for managing diabetes and improving your health.


  • Diet: A balanced diet, including plenty of fiber-rich whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, can help with blood sugar control and improve overall health.


  • Exercise: Regular physical activity promotes higher insulin sensitivity by which your body can use insulin effectively.


  • Sleep: Proper sleep is one of the most critical components in general health and an average blood sugar level. After you have had enough sleep, your organism is appropriately able to maintain blood sugar balance.


  • Feel confident in managing your daily routine: Learning how to measure blood glucose levels, follow medications, and create a diet may facilitate your self-assurance and ability to manage your diabetes.


  • Blood sugar monitoring: Keeping a track record of your blood sugar values can inform you about how your food intake, physical workout, and medications influence your blood sugar.


  • Medication management: Sticking to the prescribed medication schedules meticulously is the crucial action for proper diabetes management.


  • Diet management: The formation of healthy dietary practices is a gradual process. Handling portion control, checking food labels, and cooking nutritious meals can help you control your blood sugar, and you will feel more empowered to make healthy decisions as well.

How Clear Diamond Care Can Help

Clear Diamond Care is aware that managing diabetes encompasses a holistic overview. We strive to offer the best diabetes treatment in Qatar. It includes: 


Medication Management: Our team will be at hand to help you to understand your prescriptions and address any concerns.


Dietary Support: We can set up an appointment with a registered dietician to help you keep your blood sugar levels in check and develop healthy eating patterns.


Exercise Guidance: If you recruit the services of a certified fitness coach, he will know how to tailor an exercise program appropriate for your condition, fully considering your distinct needs an


Emotional Support: Living with any chronic condition is not everyone’s cup of tea. We offer emotional support and help you connect with resources that may be helpful in dealing with the emotions related to diabetes.


Finding it difficult to choose senior home care? The Clear Diamond Care Agency, which offers home-based assistance to those with diabetes, could be invaluable in this matter. 


  • Medication reminders: Maintaining blood sugar within the normal range is part of the treatment, which includes taking medications regularly. Our caregivers can provide soft yet active support in medication reminders and administration if needed.


  • Meal preparation: We can also support you in cooking tasty and healthy foods that are in harmony with your personalised diabetic diet plan.


  • Transportation to appointments: We want to make the process of going to your doctor’s office and other healthcare settings easy and comfortable for you.


  • Blood sugar monitoring: We can teach our nurses how to support you in monitoring your blood sugar levels, which would help you keep track of your progress and get updated with every passing day.


  • Healthy habit encouragement: We can assist you in sustaining healthy habits by reminding you to exercise frequently, helping you choose the correct healthy meals, and teaching you how to live helpfully.

Together, We Can Make Diabetes a Manageable Part of Your Life!

Contact Clear Diamond Care today to learn more about our diabetes management services and to choose senior home care. We are here to support you on your journey to a healthier and happier life.

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