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Clear Diamond Care Services Terms & Conditions

CDQ Services LLC shall hereafter be referred to as CDQ Last updated: March 2, 2022

Payments and Contracts

  • 100% of the Total Amount of any Nursing Contract Must be paid at the Beginning of Nursing Service.
  • Following team support to assist in making payment with no payment action, it is CDQ policy that overall Failure to pay online payment or returned cheque amount on a monthly basis will result in Ceasing Nursing Support with
    immediate effect.
  • The client is expected to provide 4 hours’ notice in case of cancellation for ad hoc Bookings and 24 hours’ notice in the case of cancellation of a long term or monthly contract.
  • A Nurse will always wear his/her uniform unless otherwise approved through the nurse manager based on a family special request only.
  • CDQ has the right to change a Nurse at any time during a long-term contract, in this eventuality a substitute Nurse would be provided to the same standard, shadowing would be provided to the client beforehand to ensure continuity of care is adhered to and full handover provided
  • For our Clinical Patients, Clear Diamond Care Services will assess whether Patient Condition is within or outside Scope of Home Nursing Care. In the event the patient’s Condition is evaluated as outside Scope of Home Nursing care, referral to additional healthcare services will be offered and referral policy carried out by CDQ**
  • CDQ has the right to increase prices at any given time, 30days notice would always be provided in this instance
  • CDQ Nurse should not be treated as domestic help within the Home. CDQ Nurse should not be exposed to any verbal, mental or physical abuse while on assigned Nursing duty. Your CDQ Nurse will assist in delivering New Born Baby Care, Childcare and Nursing.
  • A Nurse will only work for a maximum of 12hours in any one shift – Anything outside if these hours will require prior approval at CDQ discretion
  • Contracts over 12 hours or more on a daily basis will require more than one Nurse to be allocated for the service
  • CDQ ensure all Nurses are constantly updated on all practices and services to maintain high standards of care
  • For injections at home a full prescription from the GP must be provided to the Nurse before administration will be approved
  • The Client will provide full Medical Condition details and history on triage as Nurse allocation and pricing is based on the same
  • Our caregivers’ service is a non medical service, so caregivers will not perform any medical treatment.

**Where contracts details are subject to change adequate notice would always be provided (30days)

Online payments:

  • We accept payments online using Visa and MasterCard credit/debit card in QAR
  • CDQ website will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctioned countries in accordance with the law of QATAR.

Clear Diamond Care Physiotherapy ,Terms & Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions on which we, CDQ, provide physiotherapy services (the ‘Services’). The exact Services we will provide to you will depend on what we agree and what is the result of the Initial Assessment. If you have questions concerning them please ask before entering into a contract with us. We need to perform an initial assessment for your needs and requirements and consists of:

  • Your discussion of your needs with us
  • An evaluation of your needs
  • A full objective examination of your problem
  • Developing a programme of recommended action

An Initial Assessment takes approximately 45 minutes and will involve talking about your past medical history and what the issues relating to your condition are. We will also require you to sign a consent for treatment form and release of information.

  • Please note that after the Initial Assessment has been carried out, we may decide that we cannot provide any Services if, for example, treatment for the condition may not be suitable or appropriate
  • Outcomes It is not possible that any particular result or outcome can be guaranteed as a result of us providing the Services. All our Physiotherapists are registered in their country of origin and the MOPH. Our aim is to provide high quality Services using reasonable care and skill. Some patient’s conditions may take longer than others to treat and we will regularly reassess the treatment plan.
  • Sessions If we have not agreed the number of sessions to be provided, we shall provide sessions on a session-by- session basis. We will agree the date and time of the first session and any subsequent sessions by telephone, in person or by e-mail. CDQ has the right to change a Physiotherapist at any time during a long- term contract, in this eventuality a substitute Physiotherapist would be provided to the same standard, shadowing would be provided to the client beforehand to ensure continuity of care is adhered to.
  • Your rights and responsibilities following our reasonable instructions In order for us to provide proper treatment, we will give reasonable instructions which you should follow. This will include, for example, removing some items of clothing for many conditions to be treated whilst being respectful and trying to maintain client dignity at all times.
  • Assignments We may set your assignments to be completed between sessions. You are not obliged to complete these assignments; but if you do not complete them, your progress in achieving the desired outcomes may be slowed down.
  • Stopping a Session We may stop a session at any time and not continue it if we consider that you are not following our reasonable instructions. Our Physiotherapists believe in a happy environment therefore will not use any form of force, be it verbal or physical around any individuals. If this happens, you will still be liable (at our discretion) to pay the fee for that session.
  • Costs of sessions and payment Fees Our fees for each session are confirmed by us to you. You are personally liable to pay all of our fees and any surcharges incurred, such as any cancellation fees. We are happy to accept you as a client if you are arranging to pay through a third party, such as private medical insurance, however it is your responsibility to check with that third party whether you have to pay any excess and how much treatment they will pay for, as you will be liable for any payment they do not make.
  • Payment We accept payment in cash, card, cheque or bank transfer.Payment will be made by you to us at the end of each session for thatsession. For discounted 1 month home physiotherapy bookings payment will be made no later than 1 day into the contract in full. CDQ has the right to increase prices at any given time, 5 days notice would always be provided in this instance.
  • If you are late for a session or if you or us cancel or rearrange a session if you are late If you are late arriving at a session, the session will begin on your arrival and continue until the time when it is scheduled to end. Where possible we will overrun to give you more treatment time but it depends if there is a knock on effect for the next patient’s booking.
  • If you cancel or do not turn up for a session If you have booked a session and you cancel with less than 3 hours’ notice or do not turn up for the session, then you are liable to pay a 50% charge for that session. Please be aware that, in many cases, insurance companies will not pay our fees if you have not turned up or cancelled with less than 3 hours’ notice and as the case above, if your insurance company will not pay, you will be liable for such payment.
  • If we cancel On occasion, we may have to cancel a scheduled session. This may occur, for example, if a staff member is sick. If we have to cancel a scheduled session, we will book you another appointment as soon as possible.
  • Confidentiality We shall treat all personal and business information supplied by you as confidential. We shall not disclose such information to any third party without your prior permission, except where required by law or where action might be necessary to protect you or someone else.
  • Data Protection We are registered under the QATAR Data Protection Act QFC and we shall treat all personal data in accordance with the requirements of that Act.
  • Outcomes We shall seek to enable you to achieve your desired outcomes.No outcome can be guaranteed, however, and you have sole responsibility for acting on any recommendations or advice CDQ may give. We have no liabilityfor any loss incurred by you, whether financial or otherwise, following my provision of the Services, nor for any perceived failure by you, whether justified or otherwise, to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Liability and indemnity Limitation on our liability to you Our liability to compensate you for any loss or damage (in the case of loss or damage other than death or personal injury) is limited to a reasonable amount (and notexceeding the amount you pay in total for the Services), having regard to such factors as whether the damage was due to a negligent act or omission by CDQ. Nothing in these conditions will limit our liability for death or personalinjury caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents or subcontractors or fraud and fraudulent misrepresentation.
  • Limitation and exclusion of liability We shall not be liable to you, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, or for any loss of profit, or for any indirect or consequential loss arising under or in connection with the Services. Except as set out in these conditions, all warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or common law are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded from the contract. This clause will survive the termination of the contract
  • Indemnity You agree that you will indemnify us against any and all loss or damage suffered, including any legal fees or costs, as a result of any breach of this agreement by you.
  • Variation We may change any of these terms or conditions, including our fees.
  • Early termination In exceptional circumstances, such as illness or other commitments, inappropriate behaviour by you, refusal to be treated in a reasonable way, actual or potential conflict of interest, or other reasons, we may decide to terminate the Services early and or refuse or be unable to provide further sessions to you. In such circumstances, we shall give you reasonable notice of termination where practicable and will refund to you any advance payment made for sessions not yet provided.
  • Severance If a court or any other competent authority finds that any provision of this contract (or any part of any provision) is invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision or part-provision shall, to the extent required, be deemed deleted and the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of the contract will not be affected.
  • Events outside our control We will not be liable to you as a result of any delay or failure to perform our obligations under this contract as a result of any event beyond our control including but not limited to, strikes, lock-outs or other industrial disputes, failure of a utility service or transport network, act of God,fire, flood or storm or breakdown of machinery
  • Disputes and governing law If you are unhappy with the Services CDQ provides, we hope you will discuss any problems or issues with the practitioner who treated you first. If that does not resolve matters to your satisfaction, the matter will be referred to one of the practice directors who will handle the complaint. This agreement is governed and construed by QATAR
    law and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the QATAR.

Refund/Return Policy:

  • Client has to send a request letter or mail to our Office for Cancellation of the Contract with reasons. We will process the Refund only after deducting the actual consumed hours amount as per the Contract and processing charges will be added based on the total Contract amount.
  • Refund amount will be paid only by the same payment method or by cheque in the name of the Client.
  • Disputes: If there are any disputes arise either party has the right to terminate the contract immediately. However, the Client is responsible to pay the availed Service amount to CDQ immediately.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

  • Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of QATAR