The CDQ Care Advantage

The CDQ Care Advantage

We pride ourselves on being a Nursing agency that only provides Nurses who have the skills and qualities your facilities require – no matter the level of specialization or diversity.

✨  Our staff consists of:

  • Highly trained Registered Nurses and expertise you can depend on.
  • A culturally and ethnically diverse  Nurses who understand your patients and their needs.
  • Health care providers with accreditation from MOPH that proves they have the knowledge, skills, and judgment to effectively and conscientiously fulfils their roles and responsibilities.

✨   Personnel who have undergone an extensive quality assurance process including:

  • careful assessment of credentials
  • health clearance
  • performance evaluation
  • facility orientation, and understanding of CDQ-Care policies and protocols

Our staff operates within the standards and guidelines of Qatar MOPH.

Let’s fill your chronic nursing staff shortage and change lives – together

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