The very word “stroke” means that no one is ever prepared for this sudden, often life changing event. It can leave you or your loved one immobile for a long period of time. Early recovery and rehabilitation can improve functions and sometimes facilitate remarkable recoveries for stroke sufferers.

A stroke patient will need to relearn physical skills and adapt to new limitations. Being surrounded by loved ones in a familiar environment can have a positive effect on speeding up recovery and lifting spirits.

Whether it’s help with mobility or household tasks, our trained nurses will support you throughout the rehabilitation process, your loved one will get all the motivational and emotional support needed to restore confidence. Your nurse can also help with sensitive personal care such as bathing and continence care.

Our highly qualified physiotherapists are ready to help patients regain motor skills. Through a number of mobilisation and positioning techniques devised to regain basic functions that may have been lost due to a stroke, a patient will gradually recover to lead an independent life.