When should my baby start kicking? What should I do to prevent stretch marks? Which side should I sleep on while pregnant? 💫


As an expectant parent, you must be overcome with questions. Clear Diamond Care Nursing team of highly qualified midwives are here to help you find the answers for
all questions related to pregnancy & newborn care, every step of the way. Your midwife is your gateway to the hospital,
we will help you navigate your birth preferences and make informed decisions. As a part of the community, we’ll help you build connections with other like minded parents who share the same experience and can put you at ease.💜

We can assist you along your journey with services such as regularly tracking your baby’s development, give you advice at each stage of your pregnancy and newborn care and provide you with the emotional and physical support you need. Our services are tailored to meet your personal requirements and we can provide care 24/7 if required. We make sure that you and your baby receive continuous, skilled care throughout each stage of the pregnancy, delivery and post-natal experience.

A healthy community is a happy community, our midwives strive to promote wellbeing. We organise regular workshops on living a healthy lifestyle, protecting fertility, using birth control and the benefits of spacing out pregnancies. 🦋