Recovery after injury is a critical period when you will need physiotherapy expert help to relieve your pain, aid recovery and improve mobility, balance and coordination. With the help of our specialised physiotherapists, you will be able to maximise the strength of certain areas in your body and achieve your highest level of functioning independence.

We start off with a comprehensive assessment. Together, we will determine the areas where you need assistance within a broad range of treatments, including physiotherapy for sports injuries, geriatric care, muscular issues, orthopaedic problems, post-operative replacement care, neurological diseases and respiratory conditions. Using a holistic approach to treat muscle, bone, joint and soft tissue, our physiotherapy sessions are personalised to suit your needs.

Enjoy in-home physiotherapy treatment. Our free physio assessments enable you to receive the best treatment plan that is tailored to your needs. Using a variety of techniques including ultrasound, electrotherapy, TENS, hot and cold therapy, weight training, passive movements, active movements, stretching and strengthening, pain relief management, gait training, rehabilitation exercises, balance and coordination exercises, you will be back on your feet with minimum delay and discomfort.


Recovering from neurological disorders requires extensive therapy and meticulous attention to help patients re-learn everyday actions and regain motor function and strength. You will need therapeutic exercises and various facilitation techniques to treat neurological injuries and post-traumatic brain injuries. Your personalised therapy plan works towards enhancing motor performance, learning and controllability.