Fall prevention should be a multi-disciplinary effort including physicians, physical and occupational therapists, patients and their families, and of course, nurses. Because RNs and LPNs spend so much time with patients, a lot of the responsibility falls on you during direct care.  We at Clear Diamond Care together our Professional Nurses doing everything possible to prevent your patients from falling.


At Clear Diamond Care we create a patient-specific plan tailored to your patient’s unique risk factors to prevent falls.  The specific interventions will depend on the patient.  

See the checklist below for common fall risks and strategies on how to prevent them.

✨  Our patient has fallen in the past.

✨  Discuss the cause of the previous fall and how to prevent it from occurring again.

✨  Our patient has an unstable walking gait.

✨  We Ensure our patient has access to mobility aids, if needed.

✨  We Make sure our patients are always wearing non-slip shoes or socks.

✨  We Use a gait belt to assist our patients during ambulation.

✨  We Ensure our patient goes to their scheduled physical therapy.

✨  Our patient has urinary incontinence.

✨  Follow a toileting schedule.

✨  Use incontinence briefs and draw sheets.

✨  Round hourly (alternating with a nursing assistant, if needed).

✨  Our patient is on medication that has a high fall risk.

✨  Our Nurses always aware of the potential side effects of your patient’s medication and develop a plan.

✨  Our patient has an altered mental status.

✨  We instruct our Patient to Don’t use side rails with this patient (they may fall trying to climb over them).

✨  We instruct our Patient to use a bed or chair alarm for continuous monitoring.

✨  We instruct our Patient to use a floor mat to prevent injuries from falls.