Enjoy peace of mind as our nurses help you adjust during your baby’s first weeks of life. You can count on our expertise to meet your and your child’s needs, answer all your questions and overcome your fears. 💫


Newborn care services is one of the key Child Care services we provide, to help new parents navigate the first overwhelming weeks with a baby. Our dedicated and passionate team of newborn care experts will provide you with the support you need, serve as reliable resources, and will ease your worry and anxiety. Our baby nurses can help establish a regular routine for your baby, attending to its vital environmental and nutritional needs and explaining and demonstrating everything to you in the days following your return home from the hospital. They will also show you how to handle common concerns, such as colic, excessive crying and reflux, mood swings, poor appetite, or lack of sleep.

Promote good hygiene (bathing, diaper change, dressing, oral care)

✨  Umbilical cord care and post circumcision care

✨  Assist in the feeding process (breastfeeding or bottle feeding), including support in the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.🍼

✨  Educate on the preparation and storage of breast milk or formula.

✨  Keep the area clean and safe for the provision of care for your newborn.

✨  Liaise with parents regarding routine implementation.

✨  Implement sleep routines and programs.

✨  Monitor growth and development.

✨  Support physical and emotional well-being of mothers.

✨  Preventing or easing colic and reflux in babies.👼

Clear Diamond Care Nursing team are here to help you with all aspects of parenting, ease any stress and worry, and ensure your child is safe, healthy, happy and content.

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