Baby massage is a fantastic way to get comfortable touching your baby. It is also a wonderful way to form a strong bond with your child because touch is a very powerful element in human bonding. Newborn baby massages encompass non-verbal communication and prolonged eye contact that helps create a deep connection.🦋

Baby Massage designed to build solid relationships between parent and baby to instill trust and an unbreakable bond. We like to introduce babies to massage at their own pace. It is all about watching their cues and introducing new strokes gradually.💙

These are proven positive effects of newborn baby massage:

✨  Helps with bonding and secure attachment

✨  Improves non-verbal communication

✨  Develops trust and confidence

✨  Develops different senses

✨  Stimulates circulatory and digestive systems

✨  Stimulates hormonal and immune systems

✨  Improves coordination and balance

✨  Improves Learning and concentration

✨  Helps muscular development and growth

✨  Reduces gas and colic

✨  Eliminates constipation

✨  Reduces growing pains and muscular tension

✨  Soothes teething discomfort

✨  Soothes cramps

✨  Improves sleep patterns

✨  Increases flexibility and muscle tone

✨  Regulates behaviour

✨  Promotes a calm nature

✨  Reduces stress hormones