Living with arthritis can be a hindrance to your independence, but it doesn’t mean that you must forego any of your home comforts and favourite activities. Clear Diamond Care Home Nursing provides bespoke, personalised support to enable you to lead a normal life among your loved ones as you learn to adjust with the symptoms and continue your treatment.

Arthritis can disrupt your daily life. We will work closely with you to reduce disruption levels through a unique care package that focuses entirely around your needs. If you’re struggling with keeping on top of the housework, managing work and looking after your family, we’ll be there to support you. Your care package will allow you to live as comfortably and independently as possible in the comfort of your own home.

With numerous types of arthritis, the condition can be unpredictable and come with its own set of complications. Arthritis can often bring about flare-ups where your symptoms get significantly worse for a period of time. This can happen at any time, but most commonly after you’ve been feeling particularly stressed or ill. We will help alleviate your discomfort with gentle exercises, using heated and cold compresses supporting you with your daily tasks till you are back on your feet