A patient with a tracheostomy has probably been through a complicated care pathway, from surgery to critical care, general hospitalisation and finally released to their homes and families. However, tracheostomy care does not end in the hospital; safe medical attention and follow up should be provided at home. From specialist tracheostomy nurses to nose and throat nurses and physiotherapists, it takes a village to help your loved one recover. Clear Diamond Care, the Number 1 Home Nursing provider in Qatar is there with all the support you need.

Adapting to a tracheostomy tube requires a lot of determination and a bit of time. Eating, talking, exercising and keeping the tube clean and free of blockages can be difficult at first, but we will help you get to the point where you could be fully independent. Following an initial meeting to get to know you better, you’ll be matched with a nurse who possesses the correct experience and the right personality to support you in your daily routine.

All nursing staff involved in airway management receive intensive tracheostomy training. If our clients are on a mechanical ventilator, your nurse will receive additional ventilator training before working with you to ensure that you can live your life safely at home.