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Nursing does not always get the glory that it deserves and sometimes gets portrayed in a negative light, but it is one of the best professions in the world. If you are a nurse looking to make an impact, you surely can.


Here are five ways you can make a positive impact in the nursing profession.


1. Join a Nursing Organization 


There are many nursing organizations, from local, state, and national. So, how do you select the right organizations?


You can select an organization according to:

  • Specialty
  • Broad categories such as education, quality, leadership
  • Academic excellence
  • Particular interests, such as business


Examples of nursing organizations:


-ENA – Emergency Nurses Association

-ANA – American Nurses Association

-AONL – American Organization for Nursing Leadership

-ANPD – Association for Nursing Professional Development

-NLN – National League for Nursing

-Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

-GNYC BNA-Greater New York City Black Nurses Association

-NNBA – National Nurses in Business Association


I have been or still am a member of all these wonderful organizations. If you can afford it, you can belong to several organizations. There are many benefits to being a part of an organization, and they are usually listed on the membership page.


2. Join a Board

There are many opportunities for nurses to join boards, become an advocate, and let their voices be heard.

Check out this link from the ANA website to learn more about nurses on boards, and to be counted, visit


3. Power in Unity. Join ANA Hill Day 

The American Nurses Association holds its annual Hill Day in Washington D.C., where nurses from all over the U.S. can visit federal legislators and present policies and bills that the ANA is advocating to pass for the future of our nursing profession, and this is powerful.

Even if you cannot go to Washington, D.C., there are other ways that you can get involved in advocacy and policy. Please go to the American Nurses Association website to learn more.


4. Be a Mentor, Seek a Mentor

Be a positive influence on other nurses and help support each other. Being a mentor is rewarding and can help reignite your passion. You can have multiple mentees and help shape the new generation of nurses. Seeking a mentor is also another way to advance in your career and get some clarity about your next moves in nursing.


If you are still looking for a quality mentor, check out formal mentorship programs and connect with other nurses on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Going to conferences and different nursing events is also another great way to network. You can also invest in your professional development and career advancement by hiring a nurse career coach for the guidance you need, saving you time.


5. Educate Others and Highlight the Positive Aspects of Our Profession

We need to promote our profession and educate the public. Yes, we have many opportunities for improvement in our industry. However, we need to recruit more people into nursing. It is a wonderful profession that is very rewarding. The job outlook is amazing, and there are so many different opportunities for nurses.


Nurses are highly skilled, very knowledgeable, and adaptable. Nurses can work in a wide variety of settings and areas, such as hospitals, home care, communities, government, associations, policy, law, wellness, and the list goes on. Many nurses are selecting nontraditional roles such as nursing entrepreneurship.


Some nurses are leaving the bedside and choosing roles that can afford them more flexibility and freedom. Roles such as freelance writers, med spa owners, and consultants are gaining more interest. Nursing can give you financial stability while allowing you to explore different career paths to keep it exciting and fresh.


So, go ahead and make an impact on the nursing profession. You got this.